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Symbionix is a young team of gifted professionals in robotics, biotechnology, medicine, and marketing. We have been developing various exoskeletons as innovative products for rehabilitation medicine and industries.

As of now, we are focused on developing the Companion exoskeleton, a technologically sophisticated innovative device to assist people with spinal cord injuries abandon the armchair and walk. The exoskeleton is sought both by people with disabilities, and by the health centres committed to patient rehabilitation.

High price, along with imperfection of models that manifest a bunch of technical flaws now make the principal obstacle for exoskeleton sales in the Russian market. However, the higher need for similar devices has been expanding the relevant market, so increasingly more companies invest in similar projects, seeking to occupy their niches in the industry.

Our project makes it possible to set up an affordable market for people who need exoskeletons in their living. The Companion model has been unique primarily due to its specifications that are unrivalled on the global scale.

Over the two years of company existence, we have achieved substantial progress, but this could have been more efficient if we had reliable partners by our side. So we are offering to become our partner; if you have a noteworthy partnership proposal do not hesitate to email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +7 900 4730784

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